Welcome and thank you for taking the time to check out our site.  Our mission is to discuss various topics from the perspective of a Christian in today's society. Dealing with the day to day struggles, accomplishments and temptations in life that we experience while claiming Christianity. Not the "formalities" of church life, but the realities of the life we live and the things we deal with outside of the 4 walls we call the church. It's informal conversation about everything from relationships, drugs, violence, sex, music, and current events. Interviews with different people, as well as comments from our listeners. Our mission with every broadcast is to edify and inform our listeners on various subjects, help someone want to develop a personal relationship with The Lord, and have fun in the process.
Below is a mini player that carries our most recent archived shows. By clicking on the "Christian Xperience" link inside the player, you're able to view and listen to every show we've aired since 2009. All we ask is that you be kind enough to tell a friend and leave a comment on our "Feedback" page. 

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Christian Xperience Team

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